Top 5 Websites Dedicated to Free Stock Photos

In case you’ve been doing some research, you have probably noticed that the Internet is full of stock photo sites. Many of these websites are asking their users to submit photos like Flickr for example while others are specialized in specific categories of photos. The majority of stock image websites are charging users per download. But, this means that there are a few great websites where you can get free stock photos too. There is no need to pay anything to use the services of these websites. Check the list of the top 5 websites dedicated to free stock photos.

  1. Unsplash

This website includes more artsy photography. Most of the photos found here are following a minimalistic style. If you want to use photography to build websites that stand out, give Unsplash a try. The photos found there are using Creative Commons Zero license. In other words, users can modify, copy, use and distribute these photos free of charge.

  1. RGBStock

Here’s another great example of a huge gallery with free stock photos. The photos at RGBStock are free for both commercial and personal use. There are many professional photographers who are using RGBStock website to share some of their work for free. This is an excellent way for young and new photographers to create a good reputation in the online world.

  1. Jeyjoo Gallery

Jeyjoo Gallery includes hundreds of high-quality free photos and images of macro and travel photography. It is interesting that this website is actually providing web design services, but they have decided to create a section for free stock photo downloads to improve their online exposure. They encourage website owners to include backlinks to their website.

  1. The Morgue File

Some people might say that the name of this website is weird, but the fact is that this is one of the largest and most used free stock photo platforms on the Internet. The Morgue File is primarily used by designers, illustrators, educators and other creative professionals. Remember that not all of the photos found there are completely free.

  1. Stokpic

Finally, we will mention Stokpic, a website that has a relatively small collection of free photos. The main advantage of this website is that most of the photos found there are different from typical stock photos. In addition, all the photos found on this website have high quality.

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