When Can I Use Free Stock Photos on my Site?

It turns out that the providers of free stock photos are letting visitors use these photos in different ways. Even though there is usually no limitation involved, it is a good idea to learn more about the different kinds of permissions. The following is a list of the most important kinds of the license associated with free stock photos:

  1. Commercial use allowed

If the photographer has allowed their photo to be used for commercial purposes, this means that you can use that photo on your business website or any other place where online business is conducted. So, if you have a blog or website that helps you earn money, then any image you use on your website should be free for commercial use. It is good to know that there are photographers, illustrators, and artists that are setting limits for the use of their photos for commercial purposes. Namely, they can say that the photo is free until your website makes a certain amount of money. For instance, if you start making more than $100 a month, the author of the photo may ask for some compensation.

  1. Photos for noncommercial use

On the other hand, there are photos that are completely free for use on private blogs and websites, but only for non-commercial use. If you want to publish a free stock photo on a page/website that doesn’t generate any income, then it is perfectly fine to use a photo like this. There are situations when bloggers and website owners are not sure, but the fact is that if you are building a website with a final goal to make money online, then you should avoid these photos. In case you are running a blog for fun or as a hobby, then you can use this kind of free stock photos.

  1. Distribution right

In most cases, authors of free stock photos are not allowing distribution of their work. In other words, you are free to use their photos on your website, social media profile or blog, but you cannot send that photo to other people or use it for printing merchandise, creating CDs etc.

  1. Derivative works

Finally, there are photos that are free to use, but the authors/providers don’t allow users to modify the photo.

Now that you know the different types of free stock photos, it is the right time to find a good website that provides such photos.

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